my reflection

I think I did well on my S.C witch was green spice because I retold the stories in my own words and I understood what they meant in the first place. maybe next time I might present it a little bit neater and better  and speak a little bit clearer. I learnt that god always believed in every one no mater  how they acted or how they spoke.   

100 word challenge

in 1918 there was a formula one racing car racing agenst 300 different cars in Melbourne the cars were racing for hours and hours the crowd was cheering after at least nine hours there was a big bad bang the crowed was scared the crash had started the crash went for a long long long time the crowed started to get exited but one little boy he was so scared he was shaking after a little while the crash was over everyone was very exited they were cheering again they all kept on racing the crowed was happy again we all cheered.